About Us

Pomegranate Press LLC is a creative services studio specializing in graphic design, printing, and promotional products. The studio was founded in 2007 by Geronimo Rios, a professional graphic designer with nearly 20 years experience in print and web design, printing, marketing, product management, and photography. Geronimo created Pomegranate Press to offer a blend of products and services for the printing and marketing communication needs of businesses and the personal stationery needs of individuals. At Pomegranate Press we are constantly on the lookout for unique and quality products that will help our clients market and grow their business or to creatively share life’s special moments with loved ones.


At Pomegranate Press, we provide businesses and organizations with the graphic design, printing, promotional products and web services they need to effectively communicate with their clients. Whether you’re brand new looking to create an image, or already established and looking for new and creative ideas to recharge your brand to compete in today’s marketplace, we’re here to help!

Our products and services allow you to “mind your business” while we take care of the details and deliver the exact product that your business needs.


Graphic design allows you to convey your message using concise and effective methods of communication. Every aspect of your interaction with your customers creates a visual impact. This first impression is made even before they read the first word. Everything from your logo to the piece of notepaper you use to the pen you give away needs to make the right impression with your customer.

With our professional graphic design services, Pomegranate Press can create your logo, an entire corporate identity package, design new marketing materials or update your existing pieces. We consult with you to determine exactly what message and image you want to convey and create distinctive designs that will set you apart.

Visit our portfolio to view a sampling of projects we have completed. Contact us today to setup your FREE consultation and discover the many ways we can be of service to you.